Japanese Mahjong aka Riichi Mahjong

Online Mahjong Game


Mahjong Lobby Manual
Mahjong Game Manual
Mahjong Lobby Manual
Japanese Mahjong lobby
①Live Play Select your desired rate, game type, rule set, and click PLAY
②Now Playing Displays current live games and players. You can watch live games
③Private Play Play with your friends in private using your own rule set
④vs Computer Practice alone against the computer
⑤Game Replay Playback and review your matches
⑥Tournaments Enter tournaments and special events
⑦User Info Displays your avatar and user information
⑧Cashier Deposit and withdraw your funds
⑨Refer Enter your friends email and send them an invitation
⑩Feedback Please send us your feedback to help improve the service
⑪Support You can send support requests directly from the lobby
Mahjong Game Manual
Mahjong Game
①Rules Displays the Japanese mahjong rules
②Hands Displays a visual list of possible Japanese mahjong hands
③Options Game option buttons such as [AWAY] [No Call]
④Leaderboard Displays the current standings and point difference in real time
⑤User Info Select a player to view their information
⑥Settings Change game settings
⑦Chat Chat with other players. Also displays game announcements
⑧Game Info Summary display of Japanese mahjong game information
⑨Player Info Displays player avatar, username, current points, and current dealer
⑩Time Bank 5 sec. for every move displayed on the left and 15 sec. total time bank per hand
⑪Game Buttons Click on buttons to perform game actions such as [RON] and [TSUMO]